Best casino bonus types

Online casinos offer a great variety of bonus types with various bonus terms, conditions and wagering requirements. Such variety may lead to confusion among the players who may face difficulties in distinguishing different casino bonuses. That’s why it might be useful to make a classification of best casino bonus types to help players choose the best bonuses for them. To try poker bonuses you can visit To get know more about them stay with us and enjoy reading.

Cashable bonuses

One of the easiest and possibly the most common best casino bonus types is cashable bonus. This type of bonuses implies that the bonus amount can be cashed out easily in case that the player correctly fulfills all bonus terms and requirements.
For example, a player who deposited $100 may get 100% match bonus. In order to cash the bonus out, the player is supposed to make 20x his or her wager. This means that to withdraw winnings and bonus the player should wager $2,000 ($100 x 20).

Non-cashable or sticky bonus

Just as its name suggests, non-cashable or sticky bonus doesn’t imply the withdrawal of the bonus money. In fact, the player gets the sticky bonus to play with and only withdraws his or her winnings exceeding the initial amount of the bonus. Sticky bonuses were introduced in order to ward off “bonus hunters” - disloyal players who surf the online casinos sites in search of the most favorable sign up bonuses and quit as soon as they use them.
Sticky bonuses may prove to be quite high - up to $3,000 or 300% in total - and introduce lighter wagering requirements compared to cashable bonuses. All this makes sticky bonuses quite favorable for the players, as they give an opportunity to make more bets with larger bonus amounts and consequently offer more chances to win and make substantial profit.

Match bonus

Casino match bonus (other names are deposit or percentage bonus) is one of the most popular best casino bonus types. It is actually a bonus the player gets when he or she makes a deposit at online casino. The player’s deposit is then matched with certain percentages of his or her total deposit. For example, a player may get a 100% match bonus for up to $200 deposit. This means that if the player deposits $100, he or she will receive another $100 as a bonus and get a total of $200.
Games with match bonuses are usually recommended for online casino newbies who need to have some good training prior to playing some more complicated games.

No Deposit bonus

No Deposit casino bonuses imply that the players need to make no deposits to be eligible for the best casino bonus. These bonuses usually come as one time sign up bonuses, which means that the player should create an account. The bonus will be credited to the player’s account immediately, but in some cases there is a need to claim the bonus through email or by filling in a submission form.
No Deposit bonuses usually have a whole set of wagering requirements. For example, a player is supposed to make a minimum amount of wagers to be eligible for the bonus. Often to withdraw the bonus one needs to make a token deposit.
In order to be successful at online casinos, it is recommended that the player gets thoroughly acquainted with the basic bonus terms and wagering requirements for the best casino bonus types.

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