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Sign up bonus is seen as the most popular online casinos’ attraction and is actually among the most common best casino bonus types. It benefits both the player, who gets more money to play and to try the casino’s games and software, and the casinos as they attract new players.

How sign up bonus works

Sign up bonus is offered to the first time players who open their accounts at an online casino and make their first deposits. The casino offering sign up bonus hopes that the player who signs up and gets the bonus will become a constant and loyal client if he or she gets acquainted with the casino’s facilities from the start and is lured by the favorable first time bonus. In fact, there is a big category of players called advantage players, or bonus hunters. Such players tend to open multiple accounts at different online casinos simply in order to get sign up bonus and leave as soon as they get one. That’s why no casino will distribute sign up bonuses without restrictions.

Sign up bonus restrictions

Sign up bonus offered by an online casino will necessarily come with certain restrictions. The casinos wish to ward off bonus hunters, besides no one gets anything for nothing. Main requirements for sign up bonuses concern the size of the player’s deposit and the number of bets to be made to cash out the bonus and the winnings. Besides, some online casinos may require special bonus codes to launch the sign up bonus.
For instance, the player may be offered 50% sign up bonus. This means that if the player deposits $200, he or she will get an additional $100 to the total bankroll. But to finally cash out the winnings and the bonus the player will have to fulfill the wagering requirements for the given bonus - make a deposit of a certain amount and make a certain number of real money wagers. The wagering requirements for a sign up bonus may come up to 50x wagers.
One should remember that the bigger is the sign up bonus, the more demanding bonus terms and conditions it has. Before starting to play at an online casino and accepting a sign up bonus, the player should get thoroughly acquainted with the bonus terms.

Sign up bonus advantages

As far as sign up bonuses are introduced in order to attract players to sign up at online casinos, they may seem quite favorable to the players. Anyone would like to get extra money just for signing up at a gambling site. Besides, sign up bonus gives a player more opportunities to “test” the casino’s games and software almost for free (the player still have to make an initial deposit) and eventually increases the player’s chances to win.

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