The best poker bonuses

Poker bonuses are probably the best way to accumulate free money while playing poker at an online poker room. Even though the amount of bonuses increases with the number of poker games you play, these bonuses may prove useful for online poker newbies as well. The variety and amounts of poker bonuses at online poker room often surpass those at online casinos.

Basic types of poker bonuses

While playing poker at an online poker rooms, the player may be offered a whole variety of poker bonuses. Here you can get acquainted with some of the main poker bonus types.

  • Sign up bonuses. It is one of the most common poker bonuses available at online poker rooms. As soon as you open a new account, you may be offered a sign up bonus that will be added to your initial deposit. Even though welcome bonuses are usually lower in amount, they basically have less demanding wagering requirements. In any case, an additional amount of money for wagering is always useful as it increases the player's chances for winning.
  • Match or deposit bonuses. A cashable casino match bonus implies that a player should deposit a certain amount of money to his or her poker account. This type of bonus means that the player's deposit is matched by a certain percentage. E.g., a player is able to get a $100 bonus for up to $100 deposit, which makes the bonus 100%.


  • Refer a friend bonuses. A refer a friend bonus is offered any time the player introduces other players to a certain online casino site. There is a certain limitation to this bonus according to which the player who invited a friend to sign up can withdraw the referral bonus only after the newcomer makes his or her deposit.
  • Loyalty poker bonuses are offered to the players who have been loyal to the same site for quite some time.


  • Sticky bonuses are actually non-cashable bonuses that can only be used to wager and cannot be withdrawn from the player's account. Instead these poker bonuses offer considerable bonus amounts that offer the players great opportunities to play longer and make larger bets.
  • Online poker rooms offer better and more frequent reload bonuses that increase the player's bankrolls by additional free money throughout continuous playing, especially as every played hand is counted in the game, not just the one that wins.


Poker bonuses terms and requirements

No poker room will let the players withdraw their poker bonuses just so. There are certain wagering requirements every player should follow in order to cash in the bonus money. These may include a certain amount of wagers or a minimum deposit amount, etc. Before accepting a bonus at an online poker room, the player should get acquainted with all bonus offers at different sites in order to choose the one with the most favorable bonus terms and wagering requirements. Thus one will be able to enjoy the best poker bonuses and make a good profit.

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