Cashable bonus features

Cashable bonuses are seen as the most common and simple variety of casino promotions. In fact, a cashable bonus is a bonus that can be easily withdrawn by the player in case he or she follows all bonus terms and requirements.
Wagering requirements are different for different casinos, games and even bonuses. They actually define when a player is able to get his or her bonus money. That's why it is strongly recommended that the player gets acquainted with the wagering requirements before he or she takes up the cashable bonus.
For example, one can deposit $100 and get 100% casino match bonus, or $100. In case the bonus has a playthrough requirement of 20x wager, the player will be able to withdraw the winnings only if he or she wagers $2,000 ($100 multiplied by 20).

Cashable bonus strategy

The basic strategy for a cashable bonus is to save the amount of your bonus for as long as possible. For this the player is recommended to try to make small amount of bets with the smallest possible changes in betting amounts. This way the odds of losing your money will reduce and you will get an advantage.
Applying the basic cashable bonus strategy makes cashable bonuses most useful and favorable for the online casino newbies who cannot boast substantial bankrolls. In fact, cashable bonuses may help the player to improve his or her gaming skills and make him or her more confident to start making use of other bonuses, like a non-cashable sticky bonus that may require another, more aggressive, strategy.

Expected gain for a cashable bonus

The formula for calculating expected gain for a cashable bonus is represented in the following way:
Bonus - (Average wagering x House advantage (per unit wagered))
Let us use an example for blackjack game with the wagering requirement of 20x bets for a $100 bonus. The expected gain with such requirements would be as follows: $100 - (2,000 x 0.45%), which makes $91. The average wagering in our example can be actually reduced in case the player's chances to go bust early increase.
The average loss for each dollar played in a game of blackjack makes $0.005. Using our example, we may calculate the expected loss. It would make 2,000 x $0.005, which is $10. This way, the player who deposits $100 may actually get a profit of $90 ($100 minus $10).
In case the player applies an efficient strategy, he or she may be able to gain substantial profit while playing with a cashable bonus.

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