Monthly bonus at online casinos

Online casinos would do almost anything to attract more and more players who play with real money. The biggest attraction of an online casino is usually a sign up bonus the players get when they create a new account at a gambling site. But it doesn't mean that as soon as the player sings up the casino stops the competition for this player's loyalty. To make sure the players will stay online casinos introduce the whole variety of recurrent bonuses like weekly, weekend, reload bonus, refer a friend bonus etc.

How monthly bonus works

One of the most popular recurrent bonuses is monthly bonus. This bonus type, just like weekly bonus, works as a match bonus as it offers additional percentage to the player's account that matches the player's first deposit. Monthly bonus is distributed once per month.
For example, the player may be offered 50% of monthly bonus for up to $100 deposit. This means that the player should deposit $100 every month and the casino will give him or her extra $50 thus making the total player's bankroll $150.
Some casinos introduce monthly bonuses specific for certain casino games. For instance, one may find monthly bonuses for slots online. As far as online slots are seen as the most popular game at online casinos, you will always find a monthly bonus for this casino game.

Advantages of monthly bonuses

  • The biggest advantage concerning monthly bonus is connected with the fact that online casinos are eager to attract players to stay with them at any cost. This means that monthly bonuses at different online casinos are becoming ever more favorable for the players. This way the players are able to play longer at their favorite gambling sites and are in fact lured to be loyal to certain online casinos.
  • Monthly bonus offers a great opportunity to increase the player's funds. Thus the player is able to play longer and with maximum bets, master the gaming strategy and, consequently, gets more chances to succeed at his or her favorite online casino games.

Monthly bonus restrictions

  • Just like any other bonus type, monthly bonus comes with certain restrictions as casinos are not charitable institutions giving money just so. In fact, even with high percentage bonuses the player may finally come up with negative results as the wagering requirements for the monthly bonus may prove quite harsh. For instance, to get the bonus the player might be required to make a maximum deposit and a definite amount of wagers.
  • Monthly bonus the player accepts may prove to work only with specific games. For instance, the player may choose to play online blackjack whereas the monthly bonus works only with slots.

Prior to accepting the monthly bonus, the player should read about all requirements for the given bonus in order to enjoy the most favorable bonus.

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