An introduction to blackjack bonuses

A great variety of modern online casinos offer online blackjack bonuses. This kind of bonuses is different from any other casino game bonus. One of the reasons for this is that blackjack offers considerably higher payout percentages. As it is a game requiring a high degree of the player’s skill and using a basic blackjack strategy, blackjack house edge may be reduced tremendously.
It is also possible to get blackjack bonuses at a land-based casino, but you will never get cash there. Instead you may be offered special casino comps like free meals or drinks, hotel rooms or even show tickets and free vacation tours.

Wagering requirements for blackjack bonuses

According to the favorable payout conditions blackjack offers, the wagering requirements for blackjack bonuses are more demanding compared to other types of game bonuses. For instance, the wagering requirements could make about 30x wager and bonus amount, and the blackjack bonuses may count only 20% of this rollover.
In fact, many gambling sites restrict blackjack bonuses, or if blackjack is allowed every dollar you bet doesn’t count 100%. It is best to choose the sites with fewer restrictions concerning the casino games to play, as playing blackjack with bonus money can bring a tremendous decrease of the house edge.

Blackjack bonuses variety

Online casinos offer all kinds of basic bonuses, both cashable and non-cashable, or special comp points.

  • Most regular bonuses available for blackjack come as a welcome sign up bonus. This kind of bonus is added as soon as the player creates a new account, and to wager this bonus the player is supposed to make a deposit at the online casino. To withdraw any of the cashable bonuses the player should correctly fulfill all wagering requirements.
  • Some online casinos offer special “blackjack only” bonuses. To get the bonus the player may be required to address the customer support. The terms and conditions for redeeming special blackjack bonuses may be different from those of the regular bonuses available for all kinds of casino games.

One should always get acquainted with the specific bonus terms and conditions before starting to play blackjack at an online casino. Thus one will always know all the requirements and consequently enjoy the best blackjack bonuses. Besides, as far as there is a great number of blackjack variations one is able to find the best one offering the most favorable bonus terms and make the highest profits.

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