Reasons for casino bonus refusal

Online casinos do everything to attract players to join their websites. Offering free bonus money is one of the most effective ways to lure players and make them stay with the given casino. But no bonuses come without restrictions. One should always remember that casinos are not charitable institutions and are established for their own profit, not the profit of the players.
It is very important that the players read all rules and bonus terms set at a given online casino. Otherwise there will be situations of bonus disputes and it well may happen that the player will be refused a bonus having broken the casino bonus rules, even by mistake.

Wagering requirements

Every casino will have a whole set of regulations defining the crediting and withdrawal of casino promotions. One of the most common restrictions concerning bonus withdrawal is wagering requirements. In order to cash out the bonus the player is supposed to fulfill the wagering requirements for it. It means that the player should make a certain amount of wagers. The necessary wagering amounts usually range from 15x and up to 40x at some casinos.
For example, the player might claim the 100% casino match bonus for up to $200 deposit. In case he or she doesn't meet the wagering requirements of 20x wager, the bonus will be cancelled by the casino. To get the total of $400 ($200 plus 100%), the player will have to wager $4,000 ($200 multiplied by 20).
Any player's misunderstanding of the casino's wagering requirements may lead to the bonus refusal by the casino.

Bonus whoring

Casinos will refuse to award bonuses to players who are known as bonus hunters. Bonus hunting (or bonus whoring) is applied by disloyal players who wish to take advantage of the online casino bonuses but are unwilling to stay at the casino to make any further money deposits. They create multiple accounts in different casinos and leave as soon as they fulfill minimum requirements to cash out their bonuses. One of the reasons of toughening wagering requirements at online casinos is actually avoiding bonus hunters.

Fraudulent behavior of casino operators

There are certain online casinos that were noted for their fraudulent behavior concerning casino bonuses. These are usually casinos without reputation and having doubtful software. Usually such casinos will refuse to cash out the player's bonuses or introduce new requirements right when the player is up to withdraw. There are websites offering lists of rogue casinos and one may get acquainted with them in order to avoid such doubtful casinos.

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