How to claim casino bonus

There are different terms and conditions for various bonuses introduced at different online casinos. The players should be aware of all these rules and conditions to make sure they are eligible for the best casino bonus. It is especially true for casino bonus claiming.

Ways of casino bonus claiming

There are two basic types of online casino bonuses concerning the way to claim the bonus money:

  • Bonuses that are instantly credited to the player’s account as soon as he or she fulfills certain requirements:
  • Opening a new online casino account,
  • Making an initial deposit or
  • Making further deposits while playing at the same online casino.
  • Bonuses that have to be claimed manually either via e-mail or by filling in a special form on the casino’s website. In such case there are certain time limits concerning the bonus withdrawal that the player should be aware of.

Bonus claiming requirements and restrictions

As it was mentioned above, no bonus comes without requirements. Bonus claiming is determined by a whole set of various restrictions likewise.

  • Maximum bonus withdrawals. Every online casino will introduce certain requirements concerning the withdrawal of winnings. Usually the players are restricted to withdraw a certain set amount of bonus cash. The common amount of the withdrawal is only up to 5 to 10 times the total value of casino bonus money. This means that if the player wins substantial jackpot while playing with bonus money, he or she won’t be able to withdraw it. One can actually withdraw something about maximum $200 of the winnings made while playing with free bonus money.
  • Bonus codes. A few online casinos will require certain bonus codes to be entered to ‘unlock’ the bonuses. Free bonus codes are available on different websites, but it well may happen that a player forgets to enter the code before claiming the bonus. In such case the casino may block the bonus. If such situations take place, the players are recommended to contact the casino customer support before actually claiming the bonus and the mistake may be rectified.


  • To withdraw your bonus cash, you are required to fulfill the wagering requirements of a certain online casino. This means that you have to make a certain amount of wagers in order to be able to cash out your bonus. Usually wagering requirements range between 15x to 40x. In case the player tries to claim the bonus before completing the wagering requirements, it will considered bonus abuse and the bonus will be cancelled, just like the player’s winnings.

Prior to attempting to claim your bonuses you should take some time to read all the terms and requirements for the bonuses introduced at a given online casino. Then you will be able to enjoy favorable bonuses and avoid all possible bonus disputes and casino bonus refusal.


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