Sticky bonus explained

Apart from the cashable bonuses we differentiate another kind of casino bonuses. It is known as “sticky”, or “phantom” non-cashable bonus. This kind of casino promotions offers the player an opportunity to play, but it cannot be withdrawn, as the term “non-cashable” suggests.

How sticky bonus works

In fact, the player who takes advantage of the sticky bonus gets free money, but only to play with. The player is only able to withdraw winnings that are above the initial amount of the bonus. When the player withdraws his or her winnings, the bonus money will basically be removed from the player’s account.

Sticky bonus advantages

  • First of all, a sticky bonus may be rather high compared to any cashable bonus. It can make up to 300% and about $3,000 in total. It offers a player an opportunity to make larger bets and consequently grants better chances to get substantial profit.
  • Another advantage of sticky bonuses is that they actually have less demanding requirements for wagers. In fact, the wagering requirements for a sticky bonus may be fulfilled by any game of the player’s choice. This means the player doesn’t have to choose most favorable games. One may make minimum bets at slots online or maximum bets at blackjack or poker and still enjoy his or her sticky bonus.
  • In case the player’s bonus balance expires due to losses, the winnings may be cashed out immediately, without the need to exceed the initial balance.

Large bonus amounts and light wagering requirements both give the player an opportunity to make a good profit with sticky bonuses. Nevertheless, playing with non-cashable bonuses is connected with certain risk. The player may wish to make bigger initial deposit to enjoy higher sticky bonus. This may actually cause substantial losses, but at the same time the player is able to eventually win some good money.

Sticky bonus types

There are basically two types of non-cashable bonuses:

  • “Phantom” bonuses tend to disappear from the player’s account the very moment he or she withdraws the winnings. The player only receives his or her winnings that exceed the initial sticky bonus amount.
  • Actually “sticky” bonuses with an “expiry date” remain on the player’s account for as long as the requirements of a certain casino allow. “Expiry date” bonuses may be used by the player for further betting.

Sticky bonus terms and conditions are different for different casinos. It is thus recommended that a player makes sure he or she gets familiar with all of these requirements in order to be a success at an online casino.

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